Are you and your firm adequately recording

Alan Adrian

Don’t get caught out.
Costs are often unable to be recovered due to lack of recording, rather than lack of work completed.

On a Solicitor and Own Client basis – consequences of inadequate recording:

  • Uncertainty regarding advice and instructions provided
  • You may be unable to defend an allegation of professional negligence
  • Inability to justify work and therefore recover fees
  • Leaves Solicitors open to various accusations if no contemporaneous file notes kept

On a Standard or Party & Party basis – consequences of inadequate recording:

  • Lack of contemporaneous file evidence means items of work can’t be substantiated
  • Limited amount able to be recovered from the other side, and to include in a Costs Statement / Bill of Costs
  • Lack of evidence to defend objections to a Costs Statement / Bill of Costs
  • Inadequate information to provide to Court Appointed Assessor / Registrar
  • Failure to record may be negligent
  • Potential failure of duty to the client to maximise any party and party recovery

Call QICS on 1300 185 731 and we can assist you and your firm to ensure adequate recording of all work.
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