Costs Determinations

You want the security of knowing that your costs are reasonable and justifiable. Your clients want to be comfortable in the way they remunerate you.


Our costs determination service gives you access to a clear and unbiased verification of the remuneration you seek with the aim of maximising recovery.

With numerous assessors on hand, we can prepare your determination within a reasonable time period.

I have personally dealt with Alan Adrian of Queensland Independent Costing Service (QICS) for over 40 years and when it comes to costs assessing, in my view, he is the best of the best. He is a great person and knows EVERYTHING about the law of costs.

For the past 17 years Alan’s offsider, Michael Morgan, has attended our office on a weekly basis to cost our files. Mike is one of nature’s gentlemen and a most efficient costs assessor. We love Mike because he never ever lets us down, delivers on time, every time, and is easy to get on with.  Our whole team, Directors down to Receptionist love Mike.

I highly recommend QICS, Alan and Mike for all your legal costing needs. You won’t be disappointed.

Pippa Colman | Pippa Colman & Associates


QICS are the trusted professionals providing independent legal costing solutions and so, are frequently instructed to prepare Costs Determinations, also known as Short Form Assessments. We can do this two ways – on a one-off basis to help negotiations when a dispute arises, or with a more strategic, long term approach that costs all your files or a selection of files from the outset.

In either case, a QICS Short Form Determination offers our clients clear and unbiased verification of the remuneration they seek, with the aim of maximising recovery on a Solicitor and Own-Client, Indemnity and Standard (Party and Party) basis.

Risk mitigation for all parties
Many of our clients engage QICS to have all of their files costed – a proactive process which guarantees impartiality and independent oversight from the start of a matter through to its conclusion. As a risk management strategy, this provides our clients with the surety that costs are always open and transparent – leading to improved disclosure of costs to your clients and in determining recoverable third party costs.

Significantly, this also gives clients the security that an independent expert is monitoring and analysing costs from the very start. QICS go one step further – we provide practical management advice about increased productivity, profitability and cost recovery. Every step of the way.

The Top 10 Benefits of Legal Costing

From a lawyer’s perspective, learn from lawyer Brad Robins, of the Brad Robins Legal Centre, how your firm can benefit from legal costing.

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