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legal costs consulting services Australia

Management and Consulting

ALL YOUR LEGAL COSTING NEEDS COVEREDWe have developed a suite of management and consulting services designed to embed improved costs recovery processes in your firm, including: Time recording v. event-based…
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Responses and Submissions

Responses to ObjectionsLet our lawyers assist you in reviewing the matter and prepare a detailed response and legal submissions. Convincing counter challenges to disputed items in your costs statement to…
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objections preparation lawyer


ObjectionsThe party receiving a Costs Statement (Bill of Costs) must within 21 days prepare and serve objections to the bill in a clear and concise manner that allow a third…
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Dispute Resolution Expert

Dispute Resolution

PROMPT RESOLUTION EVERY TIMEDisputes over costs can be distracting and protracted, taking your attention away from what you do best: helping your clients—which is why we make it a point…
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Detailed Costs Statements

Costs Statements (Bill of Costs)

COSTS STATEMENTS(Bill of Costs in Taxable Form)Our costs statements outline in detail how the legal costs are made up in a way that would generally allow them to be assessed…
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Costs Determination Services Australia

Costs Determinations

ENSURE OPTIMAL COSTS RECOVERY WITH EVERY CLIENTOur costs determination service gives you access to a clear and unbiased verification of the remuneration you seek with the aim of maximising recovery.…
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