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Welcome to QICS

QICS is one of the leading legal costs consulting firms in Australia.

Experience is everything in legal costing and at QICS we have brought together some of the most well-known and experienced costs consultants, lawyers and court appointed assessors in the industry.

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Legal Costs Consulting Australia
Legal Costs Consulting Australia

How Can We Help You Today?

With over 40 years of experience we are trusted, experienced problem solvers and regularly work for more than 500 law firms and lawyers, ensuring optimal cost recovery and the best possible outcomes.

QICS’ vast experience in auditing and analysing legal costs gives our clients real peace of mind. We work flexibly and quickly, allowing them the time to concentrate on their practice.

Costs Determinations
Costs Determination Services Australia
Costs Determinations
All forms of Costs Determinations, including Solicitor and Own-Client, Indemnity and Standard (Party and Party).
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Costs Statements
(Bill of Costs)
Detailed Costs Statements
Costs Statements
(Bill of Costs)
Also referred to as Bill of Costs in Taxable Form when more detailed accounts are required to comply with legislation and regulation.
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Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Expert
Dispute Resolution
Ensuring the best possible outcome for your client we can support you as effective negotiators to resolve costs disputes out of court.
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objections preparation lawyer
Unbiased, objective and efficient handling of Notices of Objection to Costs Statements and Bills of Cost in Taxable Form.
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Responses and Submissions
Responses and Submissions
If required to defend your own bill we can assist with submissions in response to Notices of Objection in all jurisdictions.
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Management and Consulting
legal costs consulting services Australia
Management and Consulting
We provide expert assistance with ensuring you have state-of-the-art internal legal costing practices so you can spend more time focussed on your practice.
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Our Philosophy

As objective, independent experts in the field of legal costing, our ideology is simple: we provide our clients with the power of balance.

  • Each party is dealt with fairly and equitably
  • Each of our transactions is reasonable and considered
  • Each matter is managed promptly and professionally.
Legal Costs Consultant in Australia

Where it all Started

QICS was established in 1989 by Alan Adrian after learning the trade at Law Costs Pty Ltd from 1981. In 2009 Alan acquired Law Costs with his brother, Gary Adrian, joining forces to become a powerhouse of knowledge and experience. By drawing upon this wealth of experience and knowledge QICS has grown to be one of the longest and most established Legal Costs Consulting firms in Australia.

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Team Strength

Our team of legal costing experts includes experienced costs consultants, costs lawyers, and court-appointed assessors with recognised experience in their area of expertise.

Flexible & Innovative Services

We tailor a legal costing solution to suit your requirements. Our service offering is flexible in that we can provide in-house costing or via a range of technological solutions that include accessing software and other methods to assist your firm.


We pride ourselves on the timely production of legal costing matters. We ensure we meet deadlines and our clients can have comfort from the resolution of your legal costing matters.

Cyber Security and Insurance

We do not compromise on providing protection from the risks associated with a broad range of network; privacy and multimedia related exposure; and carry current cyber insurance at all times.

In today’s digital world we ensure you’re covered for against:

Security and Privacy
Multimedia Liability
Privacy Regulatory Defence and Penalties
Privacy Breach Response Costs and Credit Monitoring
Network Asset Protection (including Non-Physical Business Interruption)
Cyber Extortion
Cyber Terrorism

Client Relationship Approach

QICS are highly sought after by the Australian legal profession for their outstanding client relationship approach. Offering exemplary advice and practicing a high level of transparency, compliance and attention to detail to all aspect of cost recovery.

Australia Wide

QICS act for law firms throughout Australia in the city and regional locations.
We are fully versed in regulations related to costs in the majority of these jurisdictions.

Our Promise to You

When we work with you, enjoy full cooperation and support—in addition to unparalleled fairness and equity—from our experienced team of legal costing specialists. We promise to make the recovery of your costs our first priority until resolution is reached.

The pillars of our promise include:

Strive for excellence.
Act with integrity.
Be fair, honest, and objective.
Have respect for our clients.
Build long-term relationships.
Transparent with our fees.

We are vigilant in our practice and apply these principles to yours. QICS are the trusted professionals, providing independent legal costing solutions. Clients have full confidence in our co-operative, supportive approach. And our commitment to fairness and equity in everything we do. QICS is respected in Australian legal circles as trusted, experienced problem solvers.

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