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Costs Determination Services Australia

Costs Determinations

All forms of Costs Determinations, including Solicitor and Own-Client, Indemnity and Standard (Party and Party).
Detailed Costs Statements

Costs Statements (Bill of Costs)

Also referred to as Bill of Costs in Taxable Form when more detailed accounts are required to comply with legislation and regulation.
Dispute Resolution Expert

Dispute Resolution

Ensuring the best possible outcome for your client we can support you as effective negotiators to resolve costs disputes out of court.
objections preparation lawyer


Unbiased, objective and efficient handling of Notices of Objection to Costs Statements and Bills of Cost in Taxable Form.

Responses and Submissions

If required to defend your own bill we can assist with submissions in response to Notices of Objection in all jurisdictions.
legal costs consulting services Australia

Management and Consulting

We provide expert assistance with ensuring you have state-of-the-art internal legal costing practices so you can spend more time focussed on your practice.