Costs Statements (Bills of Costs)

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Referring to the matter of Parramatta River Lodge Pty Ltd v Sunman (1991) 5 BPR 1203, at 12046, Young J stated: “The whole tone of most of the cases has been that a solicitor is an officer of the Court and, no matter how inconvenient it might be, the Court expects that in accordance with the highest standard of the profession the solicitor will give a fully detailed list of charges to the person liable to pay the bill and if asked will submit the bill for moderation by an officer of the court. That is the price of being a member of his honourable profession: that is the price of being admitted by the Court to practice law in this state.”


(Bills of Costs in Taxable Form)

Our costs statements outline in detail how the legal costs are made up in a way that would generally allow them to be assessed under the relevant state legislation on a Solicitor and Own-Client and Standard (Party and Party) basis.


In order for a party to recover the costs as listed in a costs statement they must have been necessarily and properly incurred ‘for the attainment of justice or to defend a party’s rights’ as well as being proportional to the claim.

Used in the event of a potential dispute or in circumstances where a client has exercised their right and requested an itemised bill. A Costs Statement, therefore, must be beyond reproach. It is an itemised account of everything on the file, in chronological order with a detailed description of the item, so that all parties are clear what has been costed and how. Because of the detail required, Costs Statements tend to be large documents. If a client requires one, which will generally have to be delivered within 28 days to comply with legislative requirements, QICS has the people and the resources to assist in their preparation.

QICS Costs Statements are detailed and accurate, giving both parties a reliable platform to consider their positions and respond. We can ensure that costs are properly constructed and considered to reduce the risk of further action by way of negotiated settlement. And, when we draft a Costs Statement we do it cognisant of the potential need to defend the bill through the court assessment process. Giving an extra level of security as well as proper attention to the law and industry compliance.

A QICS Costs Statement provides balance and integrity at every stage, for each party involved.