The Event Network | Costs Agreements in Family Law

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At the Drafting for Maximum Impact in Family Law online conference, join Alan Adrian from the QICS Group (including National Costing Lawyers and National Costing Services) as he presents on Starting on the Right Foot: Costs Agreements in Family Law.

This online conference session is for Family Lawyers in all jurisdictions.

Topics covered include:

  • Legislative and jurisdictional requirements for costs agreements
  • Parties to the costs agreement
  • Minimum content and the need to go beyond that
  • What information needs to be disclosed?
  • Structuring agreements for actual and potential stages in proceedings
  • Examples of conditional costs agreements
  • Describing services and plain English drafting
  • At what stage should your client be given the agreement?
  • Tips for guiding your client through the agreement
  • The importance of regular review

This event is not to be missed. If you wish to attend, please contact The Education Network.

Event Details

Event Date: Wednesday 14 February 2023

Event Times: 11:35am – 12:45pm (QLD)

Registration: The Education Network

Location: Online – The Education Network