Senior Costs Consultants


Alan Adrian


Alan founded QICS in 1990, initially employing only two assessors and two typists. In the ensuing 29 years, Alan has developed a reputation as a trusted and expert professional in the legal costing industry.

He is very well known and respected within the Queensland legal community. As a tribute to his commitment and hard work, his business, QICS, is now one of the largest legal costing businesses in Australia. With 38 years of experience in the Legal Costing field, he has unrivaled knowledge on the industry.

Alan’s focus continues to be on working with legal practices to help ensure the firm’s cost recovery is transparent, credible and effective. Alan continues to be hands-on in costing files. His advice and counsel to clients is relevant, experience and balanced.

Michael Morgan

Michael spent 23 years of his career in engineering. He has lived around the country as a hyrdaulic applications engineer, in Sydney for 7 years, and Melbourne for 16 years. Involved in the mining, earthmoving, and agricultural fields, his work took him to many parts of Australia, as well as New Zealand, Germany, and the USA.

Michael began his employment with QICS in 2001, and has specialised in assessment work in his time at the firm. He handles short form assessments and itemised bills, and has appeared in Court to provide evidence in costs cases. He has prepared reports for the Court, and cites attention to detail, fairness, and good client relationships as his primary sources of job satisfaction.

He has been a private pilot since 1977, holds multi-engine and instrument ratings, and thoroughly enjoys flying! He has had a long time involvement in his church, and enjoys food, traveling and theatre.

Gary Adrian

Gary spent 23 formative years in the Royal Australia Air Force and then the Royal Air Force in the greater majority as an Officer within the Logistics and Administrative branches. His postings took him to every State and Territory in Australia as well as overseas duty in Malaysia, England and Wales.

Subsequent to the acquisition of his Law Costs Pty Ltd business, Gary brought with him a wealth of experience spanning back to 1996. Dealing with a wide and diverse variety of matters Gary is well known within the Industry and has extensive experience working for a number of firms throughout Regional Queensland and the South East.

Based in Toowoomba, Gary has developed strong working relationships with the Regional Lawyers and local Law Association, of which QICS is a long time sponsor.

Gary is a past presadent of the Rotary Club of Toowoomba East, is a current member of the Toowoomba Middle Ridge Golf Club and Toowoomba Turf Club. His interests include horse racing, golf, fitness pursuits, travelling and devotion to his family.

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