A letter from Alan Adrian:

I have just returned from my Family Christmas break in America and of course I have been aware of the devastation the fires have caused throughout Australia and have kept myself up to date throughout the break. I truly was amazed and even heart struck by the comments made by many Americans while I was there. Their support and concern for our well-being was nothing short of amazing.

They are all aware of the loss of life, homes and businesses. Each conversation I had they seemed most concerned and devastated by the massive loss of over 1 billion native wildlife which is of a scale none of us can truly comprehend. My family, colleagues and I have donated to many of the worthy charities set up to assist those affected.

This is where you come in.

I now wish to do something on a corporate level and hope that more will support my pledge.

We want to donate to the ‘Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund’ so as from today we, QICS, are going to donate 10% of our fees on any cost statement related work that you and any firm sends to us until the end of March. I would like to ask for your support going forward and add that all donations will be individually paid and the associated firms will receive mention at the time of these payments.

Thank you for your support of QICS, and the ‘Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund’.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

– Alan Adrian

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