Here at QICS we are able to work with you and your firm to find the best solution for securely accessing all of your electronic documents to be costed.  This allows all work to be done remotely, without the need to have any physical contact. Once a job is finished, we will send back to you electronic and hard copies of the completed costings to your firm.


We are also continuing to offer in-house costing, where we come to you with all the safety precautions covered by our team. We carry with us our own sanitation kit and mask, to ensure all health safety practices are being followed. All that is required is a space for us to work in.



If your work is not entirely electronic, and you would prefer for your work to not be done in-house, we offer an exclusive QICS Courier Service to our local clients. Our QICS Courier Services representative will come to you, pick up the file/s, and return them upon completion. If you are not in our local area we will arrange for our external courier service.

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